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Our forex advisory module helps in relieving the corporate from the responsibility of constantly monitoring forex markets and enables them to concentrate on their core business areas.


In what is arguably in one of the most volatile markets, timeliness and relevance of information holds the key to effective decision-making. Information about the movements and trends in the forex market is all the more crucial because it has a direct impact on the bottom line of the corporate. Accurate and timely information is not only a facilitator to decision making but also goes towards ensuring that the corporate is obtaining rates in line with the market.

We satisfy the above need by means of our information service module. Acting as information service providers to more than 2000 corporate clients across the country, we ensure that our clients remain informed about the market and the changes taking place therein. Information is delivered through a variety of communication media like e-mail and Whatsapp/SMS. Reports are sent on a daily basis with a weekly and monthly round up. The reports encompass all possible information about the forex market and the money market along with the fundamental and technical analysis. Apart from data on interbank rates we also send a pre-market message reflecting intraday rupee view.


The importance of good, solid, and reliable market information is extraordinarily valuable when it comes to dealing in volatile markets like Forex, and even more important when small variations may impact heavily on your profitability.

Greenback Rate Watch' screen where Forex rates are powered by REUTERS on our website, keeps you updated with market data including spot and forward rates of USDINR , major currencies and INR crosses. This is an exclusive tie-up by us with Thomson Reuters to provide forex updates on our website. With this, users will be able to access reliable forex data 24X7 throughout the year which will not only enable corporates to track the current markets but also help while negotiating rates with banks while dealings.

Users will also be able to use our 'Forward Calculator' to arrive at forward rates of INR pairs viz USDINR, EURINR, GBPINR, CHFINR & JPYINR. Apart from this users will be able to view major commodities, stock indices, LIBOR rates, MIFOR rates , NDF rates etc.


In simple words, risk could be defined as uncertainty about the future. Companies which are into foreign trade are exposed to the risk of fluctuation in exchange rates and interest rates as their cash flows and profitability are inseparably linked to these factors. The risk is accentuated because the underlying variables, namely currencies and interest rates are volatile and dependent on a host of macro-economic and political factors.

We appreciate the fact that corporate personnel cannot be expected to devote their entire time and effort to just monitor the forex market. We, therefore, step into the shoes of the corporates as far as management of their forex portfolio's goes. Capitalizing on our expertise and infrastructure, we assist corporates right from the stage of drawing up forex risk management policies, proceeding to setting up benchmark costing levels for transactions and managing forex risk through various hedging strategies. Our sole purpose is to see to it that we provide the corporate with all the inputs and advice needed for them to take an informed decision through the following:

  • Interaction at regular intervals which will keep you updated on every move taking place and likely to take place in the forex market, about how it will affect your position, and about the measures to be taken to combat such moves.
  • Understanding in detail your foreign currency exposures, and helping you to manage them on a proactive basis rather than on a reactive basis.
  • Monitor benchmark levels set up by you for the exposures and facilitate decision making.
  • Ensuring that we capture the opportunities offered by the volatile forex market and at the same time hold off any possible threats.
  • Meetings at regular intervals to review performance and strategy.


Over the counter interest rates and cross currency derivatives like interest rate swaps, forward rate agreements (FRA) and currency options are some of the pre-dominant tools used by corporate to manage interest rate and currency risks. With options on currency being allowed and further liberalization of the Indian financial markets, new risk management products like currency and interest rates swaps have become corporates hedging needs.

However, Indian corporate have been facing problems in terms of pricing of various derivative structures at the time of inception of the derivative contracts. These problems faced are two fold -in terms of the pricing model used in the inter-bank markets and also yield curves used for such pricing. Besides this, the corporate also face a problem at the time of unwinding the deal. Apart from the above mentioned pricing and valuation issues, there are various operational hassles, which include limited number of dealing banks, limited lines of credit for derivatives, credit risk, actual transaction related issues, etc. As the Indian markets have opened up for the use of new derivative products, corporate are typically shown exotics and non-standardized derivative instruments. Thus, it becomes imperative for the corporate to clearly understand the rationale and the hedge effectiveness of such derivative products. Additionally, we also provide our expert advice in the accounting treatment of the derivative deals thereby ensuring compliance of various accounting standards.

We assist corporate to face these challenges and help corporate treasuries on a real time basis with a specific focus on interest rate and currency derivatives.


The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, at its 273rd meeting held on October 10-12, 2007, approved the Accounting Standard (AS) 30, Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement and Accounting Standard (AS) 31, Financial Instruments: Presentation. These Accounting Standards will come into effect in respect of accounting periods commencing on or after 1-4-2009 and will be recommendatory in nature for a period of two years. AS 30 is a complex standard and its main objective is to establish principles for recognizing and measuring financial instruments whose definition encompass most items of financial assets, financial liabilities in an entity's balance sheet. The introduction of this Standard is likely to affect almost all items in a corporate/bank balance sheet. It deals with recognition/de-recognition and measurement of financial instruments as also derivatives and hedge accounting. Change in accounting ushered in by the standard can substantially affect the operation of entities. The implementation of AS 30 has the potential to accentuate earnings volatility especially since hedge accounting has been defined very rigorously under the framework and derivatives that do not qualify as hedges will have to be marked to market and resultant gains or losses will have to be routed through the profit & loss account.

Our expertise will help in the following:

  • Assisting clients on ensuring that their documentation is AS30 compliant
  • Structuring solutions to meet client requirement
  • Assisting on measurements of “hedge effectiveness”